I’m a bit of a sucker for low level programming. I’m not an expert at it … but I understand enough to be pretty dangerous. All low level programming is interesting.. but I’ve found 64-bit Windows programming to be one of the most interesting. It is also one of the most confusing for many people. This is the start of a series on 64-bit Windows assembly for beginners. This is a topic many find hard to get into due to the lack of/hard to find information and some simple explanations.

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Hello World

Hello world! I’m learning how to use Hugo - the static site generator written in Go! I’m going to start blogging more regularly as of 2018. Thanks for visiting .. I hope you enjoy the content that I produce.

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Simon Whitehead

Hi I’m Simon! I’m a developer located in Melbourne, Australia. I am employed as a .NET developer but outside of work I prefer Rust, Go and Assembly. I hope you enjoy the content you find here. Thanks for visiting!